Our Virtual event is for those who would like an additional opportunity to compete and learn from qualified judges. This event can also be used as an opportunity for studios and or routines who have not yet qualified or did not have a regional event close to qualify for one of our National Finals. 

A Portion of Ticket Donations will go to Spark Evolution & Spark’s “Light A Spark! Make a Difference” Studio Grant Program:  


Go to the Directors only page for studio information on our virtual competition


CLICK HERE for a full list of our Performance Categories including but not limited to (Acro, Acting Monologues, Character/Musical Theater, Dancing, Instrumental, Modeling & Vocals)


  • International schools/studios and competitors are accepted.
  • TE will be accepting independent and school/studio entries. You can ONLY REGISTER UNDER ONE ACCOUNT. Please be advised that all entries registered under a school/studio submission cannot be registered again independently for the same virtual event. (No Independent entries accepted at live events)
  • Group Routines can only be submitted by a Studio, School, Team, or Hip Hop Crew not through an independent account.
  • All current levels, ages, divisions, time limits, performance categories & competition rules still apply as if it were a live event.
  • View here for Age Divisions / Levels / Time Limits
  • Event schedules will be emailed to the email on file prior to the event date
  • Entry Fees cover the processing of entries. No Refunds for any reason.
  • All videos must be uploaded properly following the instructions below or can be cause for point deductions and/or disqualification without refunds. 
  • By entering our Virtual Competition, you accept that all judges’ decisions are final.
  • TE is not responsible for any injuries occurred during the filming of these videos.
  • By participating in this event you give permission for images to be used solely for the purposes of That’s Entertainment, Partner Companies & Sponsors for casting, promotional materials and publications, including the That’s Entertainment website, Social Media, Music Videos, Short Films, Event Recaps, Interviews, and more. I further agree to waive any rights of compensation or ownership thereto.
  • Bad sportsmanship of any kind in person or virtually can be cause for disqualification without refunds. This includes soliciting competitors.


  • Videos from previous competitions, recitals or other performances are accepted.  
  • Professional videos are not required. Videos may be recorded on any device you have and may be filmed in any environment. 
  • Be sure videos are clear and properly display all competitors.
  • Minimize background Items.
  • No other individuals should appear in the video besides the performer(s).
  • Film your video with you facing the camera so the judges can properly critique.
  • Graphics, intros and exits are not accepted.
  • All video submissions must be unedited with no splicing.
  • All videos must be uploaded to your registration account.


  1. Video is identical to music, except the file types are different.
  2. ALL Videos must be the following types: mov, mp4, m4v, hevc.
  3. The system will support a video file that is taken from a phone, or a previous competition video as long as it’s the correct format.

***There are free video tools such as that can help you change formats and reduce the size. Very large high definition files are not helpful for judging, and make it difficult to manage.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is bideo.png


  1. Click on the Photo icon to show the upload area.
  2. Photos must be one of the following types: png, jpeg, jpg
  3. You can drag and drop the image directly onto the Photo container, or click the Upload link and navigate the file.
  4. To replace the photo, simply drag and drop or click the Upload link again.Click delete picture to remove the photo

*** The icon of photos will change to include the checkbox when our photos are uploaded.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is pic.png


  • The event & awards will be Broadcasted via viewstub
  • All ticket donation of $6 + service fees will be donated to  A Portion of Ticket Donations will go to Spark Evolution & Spark’s “Light A Spark! Make a Difference” Studio Grant Program
  • The event will be recorded & can be viewed on your account for up to 90 days
  • will require you to have a free account to view any events supported by
  • If you have attended a past TE Event, using viewstub you can log back into your
    already created an account and purchased your donation-based ticket


Scores & Audio critiques will be done by three qualified judges.

Judges may interchange by session and/or genres.

Although costumes, hair and make-up are encouraged, we will accept videos with or without formal costuming.

Overall appearance scores will be based on age appropriate choreography, music, outfit and/or costume.

Scores and critiques will be added to your registration account within one (1) week of the event.

All current Judging & Scoring Information Apply. Please view here for additional information on our judging criteria and scoring.


  • Awards will be announced at the end of the event.
  • Adjudication and placement awards presented in each category.
  • Judges Specials, Elite Team, Titles, EOTY, Spark Nominations, Top 3/5/or 10, Event Specials & Overall High Scores will be awarded.
  • Top 3 is only announced for Mini’s, Vocals/Instrumentals, Modeling, & Productions if there is not enough for a Top 5 or 10.
  • Please view here for more information on our awards breakdown. Keep in mind modifications have been made to accommodate a virtual event.

Awards received for our Virtual Competitions are as follows:

  • Adjudicated ribbons and/or pins will be awarded to each competitor.
  • 2nd -10th place of Top 5 or 10 winners, Judges Specials, Elite Team, Event Specials (Choreography, Judges, Choice, Showmanship etc.), EOTY & Spark Nominations will receive Physical or Virtual Certificates.
  • Titles will receive a sash. 
  • 1st Place of Top 5 or 10 winners will receive a plaque/street sign.
  • Overall High Scoring routines for Rising, Shooting, All Star & Production will receive a banner.
  • Cash prize certificates will only be awarded for live events.
  • All awards will be provided to your school for pick up at a TE event you are attending or mailed to the school or home for independent entries.
  • If you would like to purchase awards to display in your studio or have for your personal competitor, please view here:


Independent Performers – Please Register here
Directors – Please refer to our Directors Only Page to start your registration here

  • Once you have created an account you will need to wait for a TE representative to activate it. You will know your account is active when you receive an email from (Be sure to provide a cell phone number)
  • All payments will be made on your Tour Pro Account
  • Double check all entries on your account; changes will not be accepted once schedules have been emailed
  • You may pull any existing payments from postponed events to put towards virtual competitions. TE will subtract those fees from your payments
  • Any Certificates & Credits from previous events  can be used towards Virtual Events
  • Double check all entries on your account; changes will not be accepted once schedules have been emailed.
  • Be sure you register with your mailing address. Your mailing address should be somewhere you can receive items such as trophies, boxes, bulk packages, etc
  • TE will not be responsible for any fees charged on returned or re-sent items. If you already have an account, please double check this
  • TE will not be responsible for awards mailed to incorrect addresses posted to your accounts


School/Studio Fees can be viewed on the Director’s Page

Independents Fees

Photogenic: $38 per photo

Modeling: $55(pp)

Solos: $80(pp)

Solo Title Upgrade: $100(pp)

Duets/Trios: $80(pp)