Connecticut Dance & Performing Arts Competitions

That’s Entertainment Performing Arts Competition is best of both worlds. We are one of the only competition companies that offer both a dance competition and a performing arts competition all in one. We travel all along the central and eastern coast of the U.S.   One of the major states in which we bring our competition to is Connecticut. Every year we host multiple dance and performing arts competitions in various parts of Connecticut.

Our competition has been around for 19 years! From when we first started, we progressed into an all-encompassing competition company, which is open to dancers, actors, singers, models, performers, acrobats, musicians, etc. Besides the variety of competitive categories that we offer one of the most memorable parts of coming to our competition is our family-friendly and fun atmosphere. You can’t help but have a smile throughout our competition, as we always like to encourage kindness between competitors and amongst our spectators. We also make sure that everyone is having a blast at our Connecticut competitions between our sporadic dance parties for both competitors and guests, having a chance to win free prizes from the Spark Evolution wheel, continuous positive messages from our emcee and Event Director.

In keeping with our theme about kindness, we have recently partnered with Spark Evolution, a 501(c)3 non-profit. Spark Evolution strives to create a judgment free environment through Social Media and Entertainment within Music, Dance and Acting by educating the public about awareness of today’s and tomorrow’s social issues; such as Anti-Bullying, Anti-Violence, Equal rights for LGBTQ, Racial Equality, Autism/Development Disabilities, Special Needs and more.

Since our partnership with Spark Evolution we offer a once in a lifetime opportunity for our top vocal winners and anyone awarded to be part of the TE Elite Team. These winners will receive a written, recorded and produced song and music video in addition to a live performance of a special routine to their song at our National Finals.

One of our National competitions this year will be held in Mashantucket, CT at Foxwoods Resort & Casino!

Our Connecticut Competitions also brings esteemed judges with ample amounts of experience in the entertainment industry to judge your performances. You will receive priceless critiques that are recorded alongside a digital video of your routine.

We hope to see you on the stage at our next Connecticut dance & performing arts competition. Call 877-572-9415 for our Director’s Only Password. For general questions, email