Minnesota Dance & Performing Arts Competitions

More than 19 years of experience has shaped That’s Entertainment Performing Arts Competition into the dance and performing arts competition that it is. We travel to many cities and states across the United States and one of our favorite places to host our competitions is Minnesota.

At That’s Entertainment Performing Arts Competition relationships, integrity and fun-filled experiences are at the forefront. We emphasize the importance of building your network here and now. You never know when you will see your new friend in the future at a gig or audition so we always drive home the idea to treat everyone with integrity and kindness at our competitions. Every event we challenge ourselves to think creativity and come up with new ways for our competitors to have the time of their life. Making sure our customers have a lifetime of memories is our goal!

Speaking of creative and impactful…That’s Entertainment has newly partnered up with Spark Evolution, non-profit charity organization. Thanks to this partnership with Spark Evolution, you will be educated on today’s important social issues that affect our youth, such as bullying, equality, violence, etc.  All of our competitors and spectators will also have the chance to win free prizes by spinning the prize wheel, sponsored by Spark Evolution, at our next Minnesota competition.

Our Judging Panel consists of qualified professionals within the entertainment industry. Since our competitions except performers from a variety of categories such as dance, acro, vocals, acting, modeling and instrumental, our judges are well versed in all of these areas of talent. They will provide quality notes and critiques on a digital video recording of your performance. We also provide various awards including a Scholarship Program.

Come entertain us at our next Minnesota Competition! Call 877-572-9415 for our Director’s Only Password. For general questions, email info@thatsentertainmentpa.com.