New Hampshire Dance & Performing Arts Competitions

Our vision at That’s Entertainment Performing Arts Competition is to create a fun and memorable experience for our dancers, directors, instructors, parents, family members and friends. It is an environment for everyone to grow, learn and be the best version of themselves both personally and professionally.

For over 19 years That’s Entertainment has been in the competition industry and loved every minute of it. We especially enjoy hosting our dance and performing arts competition events in the New Hampshire area each year.

We not only welcome performances in all areas of dance such as ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, lyrical, contemporary, modern, open, musical theater, acro, etc., we also have competitors in the categories of vocalists, acting, modeling, instrumental. We are not just a dance competition we are an all-encompassing performing arts competition.

At That’s Entertainment events, we keep the energy positive and the competitors and crowd engaged at all times.   We have a new sponsor on board, the non-profit organization called Spark Evolution. In conjunction with Spark Evolution we are able to educate our audience at our events on the social issues that effect our youth today (i.e. bullying, violence, inequality, etc.). At each That’s Entertainment Competition, Spark Evolution gives a chance for competitors to come on stage, participate in the Spark Trivia Game, spin the Spark Wheel and win free prizes! All of our New Hampshire events end in a dance party especially at Nationals where we host a themed party every year.

Our esteemed judges at our New Hampshire Dance & Performing Arts Competitions continue to provide our competitors invaluable critiques and tips to help each performer grow to their greatest potential. Each studio will receive a digital recorded video copy of their routine with the live critiques from the judges. We also provide still photography of each routines performance.

There are a variety of awards given to our competitors that are different from other dance and performing arts competition companies. We provide both Ordinal and Adjudicated scoring of performances. We have judges’ special awards, ADCC Studio of Excellence Award, Entertainer of the Year Award, and much more!

It’s always a fun and wild time at That’s Entertainment. We welcome you to join us for our next New Hampshire performing arts competition event. Call 877-572-9415 for our Director’s Only Password. For general questions, email