Illinois Dance & Performing Arts Competitions

What was once a dance competition is now a Performing Arts Competition. Since 2000, That’s Entertainment Performing Arts Competition has made sure that even though they are evolving into a larger artistic arena, that their integrity of our competitions remain the same. Our competition not only welcomes dancers, but also acrobats, singers, actors, musicians, models, entertainers, etc. We are also expanding in new areas every year. This year we are happy to experience hosting our dance & performing arts competition in Illinois.

Our mission is to create an environment for both the performers and spectators to have a positive, family friendly, fun-filled experience. We encourage everyone to not only cheer on their classmates but also to cheer on their competitors as well. Building relationships and friendships are part of our core values here at That’s Entertainment.

We are excited to announce a new collaboration between That’s Entertainment and the non-profit organization, Spark Evolution. Spark Evolution’s mission is to address worldwide social issues with today’s youth. Some of the issues in the forefront are anti-bullying, anti-violence, LGBTQ rights, racial equality, special needs awareness to name a few.

Spark Evolution brings a new layer of opportunities at our dance and performing arts competition. Spark Evolution comes to our events and provides our spectators and competitors a chance to win free prizes throughout the day by taking a spin on the Spark wheel! They have also collaborated with us to provide the opportunity to shoot a social issue music video, each year after Nationals. These videos star our Winning Vocalists and awarded TE Elite Team members. This is a once in a lifetime experience to be stars in your very own music video as the lead vocalist and back-up dancers.

With our elite team of judges, you get to take home priceless video critiques. This gives you the chance to learn directly from top professionals in the dance, singing, music, and entertainment competition industry! There are many awards that could be yours, from ordinal to adjudicated scoring to other one-of-a-kind prestigious awards.

Dance, Act & Sing your heart out at That’s Entertainment. Call 877-572-9415 for our Director’s Only Password. For general questions, email