Rules/Guidelines and Additional Info

  1. All attendees must follow our Health and Safety protocols and sign Covid-19 waivers. Additional Health & Safety protocols will be added to follow state and venue guidelines and emailed to directors prior to the event.
  2. Regional Events begin after school hours, weekend events only.  Events could start Fridays by 4:00pm.  Any routine size and age can start as early as 7am on Saturday & Sundays. Schedules are customized per event.
  3. Blocked and Regular scheduling will be provided. (This schedule will depend on each state and venue requirements). Any schools wishing to do a blocked schedule will be required to compete prior to the start of regular scheduling. Blocked schedules must go first.
  4. Awards for blocked schedules will be given during the regular scheduled awards times so they can compete against the other competitors attending. You must have a representative at each award ceremony to collect the awards or pick up your awards box at the conclusion of the event. If you do not you will be required to pay for your own shipping and handling. Awards can cost $50-$500 to ship. If required to go back to a full blocked schedule for any reason, there will be a virtual award ceremony and awards can be picked up at the end of the event.
  5. TE strives to accommodate our customers in the best way possible. We will schedule the maximum number of acts (250 for 1 day, 450 for 2 days & 500 for 3 days) & may add or subtract days to any event as needed. There are times we may need to cancel events or change dates & locations due to circumstances beyond our control. 
  6. Events will be timed with slots and/or by session depending on covid-19 guidelines in each state. All times and time slots are approximate. If working on time slots, competitors should arrive 30 minutes prior to start time dress and ready for their first performance, as we do run early.
  7. For room blocks, rates, cancellation dates & more visit our Tour page and click on the location you’re attending.
  8. Entries must be submitted by the school. Competitors are not permitted to come to any competition without a staff member of your school. No Independent entries accepted for live competitions.
  9. View here for our Refund Policy: Directors Only
  10. Scores will not be deducted for masks or any protective gear worn during performances.
  11. Independents accepted for Live Conventions, Virtual Competitions & Conventions Only. Fees differ for Independent applicants; schools receive group rates & discounts.  Spectator fees apply to conventions.
  12. To participate in a nationals events, you must qualify at a live or virtual competition with a gold score or higher.
  13. No verbal requests: Requests must be in writing in the Prop Description Box on your registration account for each routine at the time of entry. TE will work to accommodate (SAT’s, Religious Conflicts, Proms & Graduations).  Exact time requests are not permitted. Requests cannot be guaranteed and routines may be adjudicated only. 
  14. Props have 1-minute for setup and break down. Routines are timed; extra minutes not paid in advance will be charged. Props must be entered in the prop description box during registration.
  15. Photogenic photos must be uploaded to your registration account at the time of entry.
  16. Routines are scheduled from your registration account. Review your routine titles, ages, genres, levels, competitor names, birthdates & all additions (improv, photogenic, titles, props, mics needed, special request, etc.) and confirm all is correct prior to payment. Any changes/corrections made after payment must be emailed to with your credit card information and changes; fees will be applied. (No Rebates will be given if changes are made after payment; be sure to go over your entries)
  17. Schedules are emailed 1 week prior to the event and no changes will be accepted. 
  18. Music must be uploaded to your registration account with a MP3, M4A or WAV file 3 weeks prior to the event. A backup flash drive is required and turned into the Emcee 1hr prior to the start of your scheduled session and/or time slot. CD’s and other devices NOT accepted.
  19. Be sure to pick up your flash drive & any Winners Certificates from the EVENT MANAGER prior to leaving the event. TE does not keep record of certificates or flash drives and is not responsible for those lost or forgotten. 
  20. Judges Scores will be uploaded to your registration account after the last award ceremony or once our TE Staff is back in the office.
  21. Critiques are provided via video, audio or written format and given to every school. Video & audio critiques will be uploaded to your school’s registration account within a week of the event. TE and FRMG are not responsible for any corrupted critiques, videos or photos. 
  22. Dressing rooms are open 1hr prior to the start of the event. Please make room for everyone and help in keeping event & dressing rooms clean. We would like to be invited back to all venues.  
  23. Advertised instructors & judges intend to be at the event. Sometimes emergencies prevent this & will be replaced with another qualified Instructor and/or judge.
  24. Directors must call to confirm availability if entering three weeks prior to an event.
  25. Costumes are allowed, but not required. No point deductions for those who choose not to wear costumes.
  26. Events will be timed with time slots and/or by session depending on Covid-19 Guidelines in each state. All times and time slots are approximate.  If working on time slots competitors should arrive 30min prior to start time; dressed and ready for their first performance. If by session competitors should arrive 1hr prior to the beginning of the 1st session and 2hrs prior to the 2nd session of the day, dressed and ready for their first performance as we do run early.

Live stream will be offered but not guarantee. The internet service in each location will determine on the schedule date which can be provided for each event location.


Mini Dancers: 6yrs & under (must compete in the rising star level)
Junior:  7-9yrs 10-12yrs
Senior: 13-15yrs 16-18yrs 19-21yrs
Adults: 22yrs & Up (all one level)

  • For Duets/Trios & Groups the average age determines the age division in which they will compete.
  • Age is as of the competitor’s birth-date for Regionals & Nationals and automatically calculated through your registration account. 
  • Birthdates are required to claim photos & videos. Be sure to enter correct birthdates. 
  • Productions, Parents, Student/Teachers & Adult Routines are one Age Division and Level

**Proof of Age Is Required**




The same dancers can be in different levels. For example, your advanced (All Star) ballerina may still be a beginner (Rising Star) Tapper.

Directors use your professional judgment when placing students in their perspective levels.

Judges may move routines to the appropriate genre and/or level. (All Judges Decisions are Final)

Modeling is all one level.

Parent, Adults, Student & Teachers Routines are one level and age group.

Productions are one level, age group and genre.

RISING STAR (recreational/beginner level)

  • This level is for beginners of any age, who may or may not have competed before.
  • 6 & under must compete in this level.
  • This level is not eligible for TE ELITE TEAM or SUPPORTING CAST nominations or cash & cash prize certificates.

Dance & Acro

  • Competitors should focus on beginner technique & proper grooming.
  • Dance positions should be executed without sickled feet.
  • Fouette turns, Turns A La Seconde, Wings, Toe Touches, Aerials, Back HandSprings and other intermediate (SHOOTING STAR) and/or advanced (ALL STAR) moves are not recommended for this level.
  • Pointe is not permitted at this level.

Vocal & Instrumental

  • Competitors should work on songs that are easy to perform and focus on songs with small numbers of high notes, long notes, and/or pitch changes.

SHOOTING STAR (intermediate level)

  • Competitors should be working on intermediate and advanced techniques.
  • Ages 7 & up are permitted to compete in this level.
  • Dance & Acro – Choreography should contain more advanced elements. Should be able to perform complicated progressions along with leap, turn & acro combinations.
  • Competitors at this level should have smooth connection of movement, transitions, musicality, and group precision.
  • Vocal & Instrumental – Competitors should focus on songs that are challenging to perform along with a fair number of high notes, long notes, and/or pitch changes.

ALL STAR (advanced level)

Dance, Acro, Vocal & Instrumental

  • Technique should be superb, meticulous and clean.
  • At this level, your studio competitors or routines are considered audition ready and potential professional opportunities.

SUPER STAR (special needs)

  • 50% off provided to competitors in this level. You must email prior to payment regarding this level as this discount will need to be applied manually.
  • Performance level that welcomes all special needs performers. 
  • Positive critiques will be based on performer’s abilities with no point deductions for physical challenges. 
  • Not eligible for high score and cash certificate prizes.
  • Super Star performers are welcome in any other levels.

SHINING STAR (Student Choreography or Original Composition)

  • Students who choreograph, write or compose their own routine. Should not receive assistance. Must be original work and not taken from any other source.


  • 15 OR MORE PERFORMERS – Portraying a theme, Story, Broadway Musical, Play, Movie etc. May include more than one genre, for (ex: Tap & Jazz, dance, lip sync, singing, acting & instrumental.)  *Productions are one level, age & genre. Must contain a minimum of 25% dancing and transitions.


  • Any routines containing parents. *Teachers are welcome to compete with parents.


  • Routines that combine students and professional teachers. No solos accepted in this category.


  • For serious competitors, students, parents, and/or teachers who are 22 & up.



SMALL GROUPS4 – 9 COMPETITORS3 minutes1 minute
LARGE GROUPS10 – 19 COMPETITORS4 minutes2 minutes

Please Note

Routines are timed.

Props have 1-minute for setup and break down. 

Props needing extra time must purchase additional minutes.

Point deductions will be assessed if not requested at the time of entry and charged $50 per minute at the event.


Once your name or routine is announced you are being judged until you have exited the stage.  Judges are looking for clean routines that contain difficulty, proper technique, timing & flow, combined with enthusiasm, energy, and enjoyment appropriate for the age, level & genre. No scores will be deducted for masks or any additional protective gear worn during performances. Costumes are allowed, but not required. No point deductions for those who chose not to wear costumes.

Scores are based on 3 judges, with a maximum of 100 points per judge.


Technique: up to 30

Showmanship: up to 30 

Rhythm/Timing: up to 25

Choreography: up to 10  

Overall Appearance: up to 5

Overall Appearance includes: General appearance – costuming, make-up, tights, shoes, music & dance style/moves that are age appropriate.


All routines are adjudicated & ordinally scored.

*TIES ARE BROKEN BY THE JUDGES. (Judge’s Decisions are Final)

1st, 2nd and 3rd place is awarded in each category.

Ex. 10-12yrs Lyrical Shooting Star Solos will be awarded 1st, 2nd & 3rd place along with their adjudicated score.  Anything after 3rd place will be adjudicated only.  This is separate from our Top 5 & or 10 awards.

If there is only 1 entry in a Rising, Shooting & All Star level competitors must achieve the *updated minimum score*below to receive 1st place.

Rising Star: 260            Shooting Star: 270            All Star: 285


Gold239.9 and below
High Gold240-259.9
Solid Gold260 – 279.9
Platinum280 – 293.9
Platinum Plus294 – 298.4
Crystal Butterfly *NEW*298.5 – 300

*New & Updated Minimum Scoring


Our Judges are knowledgeable professionals in a variety of performance genres. Judges may move a routine to the appropriate genre and/or levels. All judge’s decisions are final.

Disregard of the rules or challenges will be subject to point deductions or adjudication only and can be cause for disqualification. Routines may not be eligible for Top 5 and/or 10, OHS and/or Title.

*New This season: Routines not completed on the first try (I.E. Leaves the stage etc.) will incur point deductions:

Rising Star: 3 points                       Shooting Star: 6 points                      All Star: 9 points

  1. Point deductions (1.5 points) will be accessed when music is not uploaded to your registration account and/or back up flash drives are not received at the event; not clearly labeled with your studio name and saved in event order labeled with your routine number & title. (exp. 49_Cell Block Tango)
  2. Routines going over the time limit without payment. (3 points, 1 point per judge)
  3. More than 5 acrobatic moves/passes in performance genres not permitted. (.5 points per judge per trick)
  4. Clogging & tap genres with tap sounds in the music. (3 points, 1 point per judge)
  5. Instrumental genre: Background music containing the instrument(s) being used in the performance. (3 points, 1 point per judge)
  6. Vocal genres with lead vocals in the music. (3 points, 1 point per judge)
  7. Routines not available or refusing to come to the stage when called. (3 points, 1 point per judge)
  8. No photos or videos permitted in the event room. Point deductions will be accessed; abuse of this rule and you will be asked to leave. 
  9. Good sportsmanship is expected by all throughout the event; if not followed it can be cause for disqualification. 
  10. Parents should not contact the competition directly.  All inquiries must go through your school director.
  11. Costumes, choreography & music (clean lyrics only) must be designed for a family audience. Point deductions will be accessed at the judge’s discretion.
  12. No coaching allowed. Teachers may place 6 & under competitors on stage. (3 points, 1 point per judge).
  13. Competitors, school directors, or any other individuals may not offer gifts, favors, or special treatment to the That’s Entertainment Staff.