Rhode Island Dance & Performing Arts Competitions

“Where Competition Isn’t Everything…It’s A Wonderful Thing”. That has been That’s Entertainment’s motto for 19 years and we are sticking to it! Competition is about a positive learning experience to help you meet new friends and build your network within the entertainment industry. We make every one of our competitions an event to remember filled with memories, hard work, expert advice and a place to focus and grow your special talent.

You can find our dance and performing arts competition at Rhode Island in February and May of 2019.   We can’t wait to see your amazing performances and give out our various and special awards to all of our talented competitors.

That’s Entertainment just developed a special partnership with a national not-for-profit called Spark Evolution. At our competitions we’ve always emphasized giving back to the community to our competitors and spectators. Through Spark Evolution we are now able to do giveback with your help! Their mission is to educate and shed light on today’s social issues that directly effect our youth. From issues such as anti-bullying, equality, anti-violence, disability rights just to name a few. Spark Evolution sponsors special prize giveaways throughout our competition events in Rhode Island. Be one of the first to have the Spark experience.

We are now accepting registration from anyone who is interested in competing in the following areas: dance, acro, instrumental, modeling, acting, singing. Our professional judges will critique your technique, showmanship, rhythm/timing, choreography, and overall appearance. They cover every aspect to your performance so you can evolve as a performer and perfect it the next time around.

Blow us away with your special talent at our next Rhode Island dance and performing arts Competition. Call 877-572-9415 for our Director’s Only Password. For general questions, email info@thatsentertainmentpa.com.