Attention: Photos and videos can take up to 2-4 weeks to be posted online. Please search for your media daily following the event. That’s Entertainment & Foreign Republic Media Group, LLC are not responsible for any corrupted critiques, videos or photos.

Step 1: Click Here! -> Download Your Videos and Photos

Step 2:  Select the City from the Menu

Step 3: The search page for the city is displayed.

Step 4: Directors: enter the keyword emailed to you and click GO. 

Competitors keyword is the first two letters of their first name, their full last name and their six-digit birthdate. For example, Devin Rogers born January 2, 2012 would have a keyword: derogers010212 or derodgers_010212.

(Directors if a competitors account is not working log back onto your school account and confirm you entered their names and birthdates correctly. To find birthdate entered just click on the competitors name. If not entered correctly do not correct it until the next event you choose to register with us. Give your competitor the name and/or birthdate how it was entered. They will then be able to log onto their account. If you enter their last name first and first name last then the example above would be reversed.)

Step 5: Select and download your photos – Click the Select Photos button which will go into a cart (you will not be charged).

Step 6: Once in your cart click the DOWNLOAD button and enter your email address to receive an email with your zipped file. 

Step 7: When you receive your email click the link.

Please Note: Parents must go to the parent’s page for instructions on how to download their videos and photos.

Office Hours are Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursdays from 9:00am – 5:00pm. Email:

In Partnership with, FRMG (Foreign Republic Media Group, LLC)

Looking for Video and/or Photo services for your next Recital and/or Event/Parties, Look no Further! FRMG provides it all including recaps, reels, music and/or dance videos, etc. For a more detailed list of our services click the “Services” tab at the top of our website for dropdown options of all of our services.

In addition to providing professional photos and video downloads, That’s Entertainment is offering the opportunity to purchase a media badge for your school! If you would like to take your own photos/videos the cost is $25 per routine.  Email with your studio name, event attending and a list of routines you would like to record. If you would like to purchase all routines, a list is not required, simply indicate all routines when emailing.