Light A Spark “Make a Difference” Fundraiser!

We’re excited to announce that our Partners and Sponsors have collectively provided over $23,500 in Prize Donations for Schools/Studios participating in our “Light A Spark Giveaway”!

Help our industry stay alive by supporting Spark Evolution’s Non-Profit: Light A Spark Make a Difference Fundraiser!

100% of Monetary Donations will go to Dance, Music and Performing Arts Schools/Studios in need due to Covid-19 through our Grant Submission Program.

The Top 5 Schools/Studios to help raise the most amount of money will receive prizes totaling over $4,700 per school/studio from various sponsors! 

How The Giveaway Works! 

Studios will have two weeks (Deadline: Aug 18th) to email to register and receive their studio code.

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On Aug 19th Crowdfunding will start. 

When posting tag @Spark2Evolve and #Spark2Evolve #Spark2EvolveArtsFundraiser #LightASparkMakeADifference

Studios will have until Sept 1st to raise Funding for the “Light A Spark Grant”.

All donations must be listed with the person’s name and studio code given at registration.

Top 5 studios to raise the most amount of money win.

Studios must raise $1000 or more to be eligible for the Giveaway.

Grants will not be given to Top 5 Studio winners as they may not need one. If they do they can apply for one. 

All donations are welcome whether you are participating in the giveaway or not. 


@Spark2Evolve #Spark2Evolve #Spark2EvolveArtsFundraiser #LightASparkMakeADifference #LightASparkGiveaway

ATTENTION: For ALL Studio Owners in the USA. Due to Covid-19 & the recent events that have affected our communities, everyone in the USA is struggling including our hometown Dance/Music & Performing Arts Studios. These schools are where our children learn not only their passion for the arts but their sense of community, socialism, confidence and extended family values; are now in danger of closing their doors. 

Many children consider these studios are their second home where they learn life lessons and create friendships that last forever.

Lets make sure our children have a place to come back home to by donating to to keep as many of our dance and performing arts studios open as possible.


We encourage you to email for grant submissions and PLEASE share this post.


So, let’s join together to keep the SPARK going in all our local home-town hero dance studios! Your donation can make a difference!! 

SPARK EVOLUTION is on a mission to save our hometown studios! So many of our studios across the country have been affected by COVID-19 and the Injustice of George Floyd and events thereafter. 

Spark hopes to raise One Million Dollars to support performing arts studios across the United States and help them stay alive! Our “Donate and Make a Difference” campaign is looking to reach one million people to donate to this very worthy cause! 

If you have ever participated in Dance, Music, or Performing you know how important our local town studios are. 

These studios are where our children learn not only their passion for the arts, but their sense of community, socialism, confidence, and extended family values; they are now in danger of closing their doors. 

Many children consider these studios are their second home where they learn life lessons and create friendships that last forever. 

Not only will Spark Evolution grant this much-needed funding to our local studios, but they are also planning to include several student scholarships for dancers! The more donations received, the more grants and scholarships given! Spread the Word! Light A Spark 

Thank you! 

– Spark Evolution

Studio Application for “LIGHT A SPARK” Funding 

Spark Evolution’s “LIGHT A SPARK” Grant Criteria for Funding: 

1. Must be a Performing Arts studio in the USA 

2. Must have been in business as of September 2018. 

3. Must have an EIN number. 

4. Studio in danger of closure without Spark Evolution’s “LIGHT A SPARK” Grant. 

5. Share our go fund me link to as many people and platforms available! 

Spark Evolution’s “LIGHT A SPARK” Grant Submission Requirements: 

1. Written, signed, and dated letter with your performing arts studio’s name, address, phone, e-mail, time in business, EIN number, and a statement explaining the reason why you need this grant in order to remain open. 

2. A written account of amount requested and what expenses will be covered by this grant. 

3. Copy of Certificate of Formation/Business Entity formation along with supporting documents to prove your funding needs. Some examples are: 

• Copies of last three months of rent/mortgage statements 

• Copies of last three months of utility bill 

• Copies of any other documents that you would like to include as expenses covered by the grant 

4. Preferred but not mandatory: A 30 second or less video showing your studio, dancers, or any way you would like to showcase your performing arts studios. Videos submitted to may be placed on our Go Fund Me Page to show our donors who needs their help! 

**Please send all required documents to

Spark Evolution’s “LIGHT A SPARK” Grant Follow-up Required Documentation: 

1. Copies of paid invoices matching the items you listed in number 2 and 3 above. (For example: If you said you would use this grant to pay for your monthly rent, and you are a recipient of the grant, you would submit paid invoices for your monthly rent dated after the receipt of the grant. 

2. Thank-you letters, cards, videos, etc… expressing your studio’s success due to Spark Evolution’s “LIGHT A SPARK” Grant. *These items will be used in our Updates on our Go Fund Me Campaign to show our donors how their generosity made a difference! 

**Please send all required documents to 

Spark Evolution’s “LIGHT A SPARK” Grant Board Members: 

1. Spark Evolution’s Board Members will be convening to review documents and letters of application. The decision of this panel will be based on completeness of application and need. 

2. The amount of funding distributed will be based on the amount of donations received. If any student dance scholarships are awarded, they will be given to the studio director to award at the studio owner’s discretion. 

3. Failure to comply with Spark Evolution’s post-grant requirements will result in forfeiture of funding and will be required to return the grant funds.