New York Dance & Performing Arts Competitions

It has been Nineteen years since That’s Entertainment began presenting performing arts competitions with events in New York. So much has changed in both our events and the world in which we live. What was once primarily a dance competition has evolved to include acting, acro, instrumental, modeling and vocal genres. We continue toevolve honoring our commitment to be more than a competition.

Together with Spark Evolution a nonprofit organization we are bringing awareness of social issues to include, (Anti -Bullying, Anti Violence, Racial Unity, LGBTQ Special Needs and Disabilities Awareness) through That’s Entertainment Events. Through Performing Arts and Awareness of these issues we can leave a positive, lasting impact on our world.

Feel the inspiration while being entertained by performances in acting, acro, instrumental, modeling, vocal and dance routines. Spectator Admission is free. With so much to offer our competitors and guests you will not want to miss a moment of a TE action packed competition. Competitors, Re live their amazing experience while parents & directors enjoy complimentary photos and videos of your performances! Our professional Judge’s record videocritiques which are given to directors of dance studios, Junior/High School and College Performing Arts Programs which provide a valuable learning experience. Competitors expand their horizons and learn how to speak oncamera during the Digital Etiquette portion of a TE Competition. All events have high energy exciting Awards Ceremonies, Opportunities for TE Titlists, TE Elite Dance Performance Team members are chosen. As a TE Eliteteam member you have the opportunity to be chosen as a bacI‹ up dancer for our live performances.

At a TE Nationals you will have a blast. Each competition day will include free workshops, Live Critiques. We hosta Light Themed Party & More. The top vocalist of the event will be awarded a FREE Single and Social Awareness Music Video.

It takes a Spark to start an Evolution. Be that Spark! Call 877-572-9415 (or our Director’s Only Password! For general questions, email We look forward to hearing from Dance Studio Owners, Music School Professionals, Performing Arts Directors, School Sanctioned Dance Team, Vocal or Drama Club Representatives.

Come join us, “Where Competition Isn’t Everything, It’s a Wonderful Thing”

There are 5 NEW YORK Regional Events this season. Please read details below.