Awards/Titles/Scholarships/Cash Prizes

The Spark Award

Have a routine portraying a Social Issue?

You can now be considered for our Spark Nomination at Regionals!

Nominated routines that perform at our National Finals will compete for our Spark Award and the chance to promote your Social Awareness Issue on the TE & Spark websites the following Competition Season.

Optional: Directors may nominate additional routines of their choice for an upgrade fee per routine.

Awards or Charitable Donations

You may choose between receiving awards or Donating the value of your awards to Spark Evolution.

You have the option to donate either (All Solo/Duet/Trio, Group awards or Both)

SPARK EVOLUTION is a  NON-PROFIT organization creating a judgment free environment by educating the public about today’s social issues through social media & entertainment within music, dance and acting.

#antibully #antiviolence #racialunity #lgbtq #equalrights #autismawareness and so much more…

When choosing to donate please select to donate on your registration account at the time of entry:

  • Properly prepare all teachers, parents and competitors that although scores will be announced no physical awards will be given for those routines.  
  • Competitors should stand to be recognized when their routines are announced.  
  • Schools donating will receive recognition on Spark & TE website, social media & TE Event Recap.    

Please Note: These donations have been arranged by your school, please respect their decision.  Questioning the school’s decision & your donation can be cause for nullification of Cash Prize Certificates, Spark Wheel Prizes, recognition announcements & possible disqualification.  Awards may be purchased during the event or ordered online at (shipping required).

Award Details

Up to $10,000 in Cash, Cash Prize Certificates, MVC Scholarships & more awarded per event

When awarded 1st, 2nd & 3rd place:

  • Group competitors will each receive an adjudicated pin(s) or ribbon(s) & a larger medal plate award given to the studio. 
  • Solo & D/T competitors will each receive a smaller metal plate. 

After 3rd Place:

  • Group competitors will each receive adjudicated pin(s) or ribbon(s) & a smaller metal plate given to the studio. 
  • Solo & D/T competitors will each receive a medal.

Productions will be announced during the Top 5 and/or 10 Awards.

Top 5 and/or 10 Awards

  • *TIES ARE BROKEN BY THE JUDGES. (Judge’s Decisions are Final)
  • Productions, Super Star, Parent, Student/Teacher routines are not eligible for Top 5 and/or 10.
  • Dance & Acro combined (Musical Theatre, Acting, Vocal, Instrumental, Song/Dance combined- at times we may separate Musical Theatre, Acting & Song/Dance from Vocal & Instrumental if there is enough to do so) for Top 5 and/or 10 along with Overall HS if there is enough competition in these categories to do so they may be combined if there is not enough to separate them.
  • Top 5 and/or 10 are given to Mini (6yrs & Under), Junior (7-9yrs and/or 10-12yrs) & Senior (13-15yrs, 16-18yrs, and/or 19-21yrs), Adults (22yrs & Up) for Rising, Shooting & All Star levels in solos, duet/trios, (small groups, large groups, mega groups are combined. At times we may separate small groups from large & mega groups for larger events)
  • There must be a minimum of 5 routines in each age, level & division for JR (7-9 & 10-12) or SR (13-15 & 16-18, and/or 19-21yrs) to be awarded separately. If there are less than 5 in each age all JR’s will be combined & all SR’s will be combined.
  • If there are 10 or more routines in each age, level & division then Top 10 will be announced.
  • Modeling routines are all one level and separated for Top 5 and/or 10.
  • All ages in the Shining Star level are combined for Top 5 and/or 10.
  • If your competitor has more than one solo their highest scoring solo will be announced in Top 5 and/or 10 if qualified for Top scores.
  • If there are less than 5 routines; Top 5 will not be awarded.
  • When necessary TE may combine ages, divisions, genres and/or levels for Top 5 and/or 10. As TE will customize each events Top 5 and/or 10 based on the entries received to accommodate that all routines can potentially be up to a high score as long as it can be properly accommodated. 

1st Place Top 5 and/or 10 are awarded a Banner to the school. Ribbons or HS Paddles are given to each competitor.

In addition, 1st Place Top 10 winners will receive a Cash Prize Certificate awarded to the school (Shooting & All Star Levels Only).

Top 2 – 10 will receive a placement certificate awarded to the school.

CASH PRIZE CERTIFICATES awarded to the schools for all 1st place Top 10 & OHS winners in the JR/SR Shooting & All Star Levels only at Regionals & Nationals. Certificates can be applied to this season’s Nationals or the following seasons Regional events. Sportsmanship is awarded a Cash Prize Certificate at all Regionals to be used at this season’s Nationals. Sportsmanship is awarded a Cash Prize Certificate at all Nationals to be used in the following season’s Regional events.

Musical Theatre, Acting, Song & Dance may be combined with Vocal & Instrumental routines for Top 5 and/or 10 & OHS*

1st Place Top 10 Cash Prize Certificates Include:

  • Solos: $50      
  • D/T: $75
  • Groups: $100
  • Overall HS: $125

Sportsmanship: $150

Top Scoring Productions

There must be 3 or more productions to award a skyscraper trophy.

A Skyscraper (6’+) Trophy is awarded to the school with the highest scoring production. Adjudicated pins or ribbons are given to each competitor.

After 1st place a banner will be awarded to the school & adjudicated pins or ribbons to each competitor.

Regionals Only: Entertainer Of The Year Nominees

  • Judges will nominate & award 1 routine from each school, based on entertainment value only that will vie for the Entertainer of the Year Cup at Nationals.

Nationals Only: Entertainer Of The Year Winners

Eligibility for EOTY:

  • Register & pay for your routine nominated by the judges at regionals.
  • Judges nominated routine size may change from regionals to nationals, if it is still a group routine.
  • Optional: Directors may nominate additional group routines of their choice for an upgrade fee per routine.


  • Top 3 EOTY will be announced during the event to compete at our Final Award Ceremony & Showcase.
  • This prestigious cup is awarded to one routine per Nationals based solely on its entertainment value.
  • Prove you’re ready for the big time by participating and competing for the EOTY Title, Cup & Bragging rights, but that’s not all. 
  • Winner receives 1 Free routine at next season’s Nationals for the chance to keep the EOTY Title.
  • Choreographers of the winning routines will have the opportunity to choreograph, teach and appear in our next Music Video at next season’s Nationals. Choreographer & studio name recognition will appear in the music video credits.

Overall High Scores

  • Overall High Score (OHS) of the event combines JR/SR routines in each level.
  • There must be 20 or more Dance/Acro & Musical Theatre/Vocal/Instrumental/Song & Dance routines in each level to award an OHS separately if not they are combined.
  • There must be 20 or more routines in each level Rising, Shooting & All Star to be awarded an OHS separately.
  • Modeling, Productions, Mini, Shining Star, Super Star, Adult, Parent, Student & Teacher routines are not eligible for OHS of the event.

The School will be awarded a 3ft Trophy & Cash or Cash Prize Certificate, competitors receive HS paddles.

*NEW* Overall Highest Scoring All Star Routine Wins a cash prize certificate!

If there are 1-49 eligible routines, a certificate will be awarded. If there are 50 or more eligible routines the prize will be awarded in CASH!

  • $200 Solo
  • $300 Duet/Trio
  • $500 Group


MVC SCHOLARSHIP – Awarded at Regionals & Nationals

(MVC- Most Valuable Competitor of the event from each school)

This award is selected by the judges at the end of the final solos session.

All ages and levels are eligible for this award.

MVC winners will receive 1 Free Solo to That’s Entertainment, Luv2dance and a 1/2 Convention Scholarship to Glow Dance Experience & Activate your Artistry for 2024 or 2025 Regional Season.

Details Apply!

TE Requirements: Must attend with their studio and minimum entry fees required to attend a TE event after all discounts, scholarships, coupons and more. Studio must submit the certificate prior to payment of the event you choose to redeem this award. Additional Details TBA


Scholarships: SR Competitors interested in Scholarships must compete in the Title category at Regionals to be eligible for Title & Scholarships at Nationals. 

Miss and/or Mister: 

Mini Miss & Mister: 6yrs & Under

JR Miss & Mister: 7-12yrs

SR Miss & Mister: 13 -21yrs

Adult Miss & Mister: 22yrs and up

  • All Titlists must qualify with a high gold score or higher at regionals to be eligible at Nationals
  • Miss & Mister will be awarded separately
  • There must be 3 or more competitors in the JR (7-9yrs, 10-12yrs) & SR (13-15yrs, 16-18yrs, 19-21yrs) to be awarded separately. Less than 3 competitors, ages JR (7-12yrs) will be combined and SR (13-21yrs) will be combined
  • *NEW* All levels will be separated
  • There must be 3 or more Dance/Acro & Musical Theatre/Acting/Vocal/Instrumental/Song & Dance Title competitors in each age group for them to be awarded separately
  • Competitors registering in our title solo category compete in their regular solo division for adjudication, ordinal & title scores. These solos will be eligible for Top 5 and/or 10. Highest score wins the Title.

Top 3 will be announced & awarded

  • 1st place Mini, JR, SR and Adult Miss and/or MR That’s Entertainment wins the Title, Crown or Tiara and Sash.
  • 2nd & 3rd Place runner ups receive pins & ribbons.


Title Requirements: Regional rules apply to Nationals along with information below

  • Dance/Acro will be combined for Title
  • Musical Theatre/Acting/Vocal/Instrumental/Song & Dance will be combined for Title
  • An on-stage question will take place at Nationals and is worth up to 5 points per judge
  • Q&A along with your composite scores will be used to determine the title winners. Highest score wins.
  • Top 3 will be announced
  • There must be 5 or more competitors in the SR divisions for scholarships to be awarded at each Nationals
  • There will be 1 Scholarship winner per Nationals. The Highest scoring Miss or Mister in the Dance, Acro, Musical Theatre, Acting, Vocal, Instrumental, or Song & Dance categories will win the scholarship

Title Awards:

  •  A check no less than $500 will be awarded to each scholarship winner.  Checks will be made out to the school.
  • 1st place Mini, JR, SR & Adult Miss & Mister TE wins the Title, Crown or Tiara/Sash & Gift. 
  • All Winners are Invited to perform at any of the following seasons Regional Events & Present Awards wearing Sash & Crown or Tiara
  • Opportunities for TE Internships & more
  • 2-3rd place Mini, JR, SR & Adult Miss & Mister TE runner up’s win a Crown or Tiara

Event Specials

Sportsmanship, ADCC, Choreography & Genelle’s Picture Perfect awards presented to winning schools at every event.

Judges may award additional Event Specials of their choice.


Chosen by judges and staff. Schools are watched throughout the event to see who portrays the best sportsmanship. We encourage you to go home with one or more friends than you came with.

Genelle’s Picture Perfect Award

Honoring long time staff member and TE photographer who passed in 2021. This award will be chosen by judges and media crew for the routine with the most picture-perfect moments

ADCC Studio of Excellence Award

Studio of Excellence Award is Given to a studio that exemplifies the mission & purpose of The ADCC, Uniting to promote Quality. Integrity, & Opportunity within the Dance competition industry. From registration to the event, competitors, studio staff & family members will be watched to see who exhibits overall studio excellence. Easy to work with, shows all competitors & TE staff respect, shares dressing room space, keeps facilities clean etc. Studios will receive a banner & a featured ad with the ADCC, Studio’s must register for their ad.

Choreography – Judge’s look past technique and into the core of the choreography

Judge’s Choice – A routine or school’s performances that stand out throughout the event

Showmanship – Schools with outstanding showmanship in their performances

Triple Threat– given to a competitor or school showing outstanding singing, dancing and acting skills

Passion– Awarded to a competitor or school who performs their hearts out

Creativity – Awarded to a routine or school with outside the box thinking

Bound for Big Things – Awarded to a competitor or school destined for greatness

Judge’s Specials

Awarded by the judges to routines they would like to acknowledge during each session. 1 Certificate given to the school and special award bracelets given to each competitor.