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Kick Off to Summer


TE Virtual Performing Arts Competitions

(Acro, Acting Monologues, Character/Musical Theater, Dancing, Instrumental, Modeling & Vocal Accepted)

All Ticket Donations will go to Spark Evolution’s “Light A Spark! Make a Difference Grant!”: https://charity.gofundme.com/o/en/campaign/light-a-spark-make-a-difference/spark-evolution

View Here for all Performance Categories: https://thatsentertainmentpa.com/welcome-parents-2020/performance-categories-parents-2020/

Casting Opportunities for all ages with Crystal Ship Artist Talent & Literary Agency & Felton Group Agencies when participating in our Summer Kick Off Virtual Competition. 

P Karen Parks formally with Plaza 7 Talent Agency NYC now VP of newly Incorporated Crystal Ship Artist Talent & Literary Agency, is one of our Featured Judges for all performance categories, excluding Modeling & Photogenic. She will be scouting competitors in all genres for the opportunity to audition for future TV/Film, Broadway and Off-Broadway Shows. 

Kalvin Stevens with Crystal Ship Artist Talent & Literary Agency is our Feature Judge and scouting talent in the Vocal & Instrumental categories. 

Drew Felton with YU Models NYC, Tower Talent & Felton Group Agency is our Feature Judge and scouting in the Modeling and Photogenic Categories. 

You will see some of our TE Judges you all know and love. You may view all judge’s bios at https://thatsentertainmentpa.com/judges-workshop-instructors/.

How Casting works:

  1. Register for our Virtual competition to be seen by Agency’s looking for new talent in the entertainment industry for Broadway, Modeling, Music & TV.
  2. If interested in Modeling be sure to enter at least 1 Modeling routine and 1 photogenic photo. Additional entries are welcome.
  3. If interested in Broadway increase your chance of being selected by showing your Triple Threat Skills (Singing, Dancing & Acting) by entering the Musical Theater Performance Genre or having at least 1 Dance, 1 Vocal and 1 Acting Monologue registered. 
  4. Interested in a Music career feel free to register in our vocal & Instrumental categories.
  5. Both Agencies will give TE information on who they would like to see for an audition. Auditions will be in NYC or through virtual meeting’s depending on Covid-19 updates.
  6. Selected competitors will be announced during our Final Award Ceremony and will receive an email from TE with additional information within 2 weeks after the competition.
  7. Auditions will not require any additional cost from TE or the Agency’s listed above, nor will being selected by the Agency. 
  8. Please keep in mind head shots and reels are a standard in the industry and maybe asked for after future auditions but are not required at this time. Although TE & the Agency’s listed above may suggest companies to help with this you may use any company you choose.
  9. If you receive an email regarding an audition where funds are ask for this is a scam and we ask you to contact us immediately. 

TE Virtual Competition Rules & Guidelines: 

  • TE will be accepting independent and studio entries. You can ONLY REGISTER UNDER ONE ACCOUNT. Please be advised that all entries that are done as a studio/school submission can only be done by a Studio/School Director. You may not re-enter as an independent after your studio has registered your routine. You will not be accepted. (No Independent entries accepted at live events)
  • Group Routines can only be submitted by a Studio, School or Team not through an independent account. 
  • All graduating Seniors Solo entries will be Free and are invited to add a 30sec video to showcase themselves for a Senior Spotlight which will be played prior to their solo routine.
  • All current levels, ages, divisions, time limits, performance categories & competition rules still apply. 
  • View here for Ages, Divisions & Time Limits: https://thatsentertainmentpa.com/welcome-parents-2020/ages-division-time-limits-parents-2020/ 
  • View Here for Levels of Ability: https://thatsentertainmentpa.com/welcome-parents-2020/levels-of-ability/ 
  • View Here for Additional Rules: https://thatsentertainmentpa.com/welcome-parents-2020/causes-for-point-deductions-and-or-disqualifications/ 
  • Virtual programs/schedules will be made available via download for all competitors.
  • Entry Fees cover the processing of entries. No Refunds for any reason.
  • By entering our Virtual Competition, you accept that all judges’ decisions are final.
  • TE is not responsible for any injuries occurred during the filming of these videos.

Video Requirements 

  • ALL Videos must be submitted in m4v or mp4 format.
  • In the past TE has not live streamed events to protect our teachers, directors and their choreography. By participating in our virtual competition you are giving TE permission to stream your routines. Any choreography/routines you do not want to be live streamed should be emailed to info@thatsentertainmentpa.com and we will only show a 15-30sec clip in place of their full routine. 
  • Depending on the development of the COVID-19 situation, we understand gatherings to film may not be possible. We will accept videos from previous competitions, recitals or other performances. 
  • Professional videos are not required. Videos may be recorded on any device you may have and may be filmed in any environment. 
  • Be sure videos are clear and properly display all competitors.
  • Minimize background Items.
  • No other individuals should appear in the video besides the performer(s).
  • Film your video with you facing the camera so the judges can properly critique.
  • Graphics, intros and exits are not accepted.
  • All video submissions must be unedited with no splicing.
  • Senior Spotlight and Solo – Please make sure that your solo and Senior Spotlight are one video file. (Ex: If your video is 1:30s, the first 30 seconds of the video should be your Senior Spotlight and the remaining 1:00 minute should be your Solo.)
  • A drop box link for your video submissions will be emailed with the event schedule from info@thatsentertainmentpa.com.
  • All video files must be labeled with your School or Independent name, Name of The Routine and Routine Number. Examples in the following bulletins.
  • Studio Video Submission Example: Dance Studio A – Sunshine Blues – #123.m4v 
  • Independent Video Submission Example: Mary Leggins – Uptown Funk – #85.mp4

Scoring & Critiques

  • Scores & Audio critiques will be done by three qualified judges. 
  • Judges may interchange by session and/or genres.
  • Although costumes, hair and make-up are encouraged, we will accept videos with or without formal costuming. 
  • Overall appearance scores will be based on age appropriate choreography, music, outfit and/or costume.
  • Scores and critiques will be added to your registration account within one (1) week of the event.
  • Please view here for additional information on our Judging criteria and scoring: https://thatsentertainmentpa.com/welcome-parents-2020/judging-criteria-and-scoring-parents-2020/ 


  • All awards will be Live Streamed.
  • Adjudication and placement awards will be announced after each category. 
  • Judges Specials, Top 5/or 10, Event Specials & Overall High Scores will be announced at the end of the event. 
  • Please view here for more information on our awards breakdown: https://thatsentertainmentpa.com/welcome-parents-2020/awards-parents/. Keep in mind modifications have been made to accommodate a virtual event.

Awards received for our Virtual Competitions are as follow:

  • Adjudicated ribbons and/or pins will be awarded to each competitor.
  • 2nd-10th place of Top 5/or 10 winners will receive Virtual Certificates.
  • 1st Place of Top 5/or 10 winners will receive an award.
  • No Cash Prizes Certificates for Top 5 and or 10.
  • Overall High Scoring routines for Rising, Shooting, All Star & Production will receive a banner.
  • Cash prize certificates will be awarded Studios and/or Schools for Overall HS Winners of the Event in the Shooting & All-Star Levels Only.
  • Event Specials: Choreography, Judges Choice & Showmanship will be awarded Virtual certificates and announced at the end of the event.
  • No Sportsmanship, Elite Team Nominees, EOTY Nominees or Spark Nominations will be awarded.
  • All awards will be provided to your school for pick up at a Regional or National TE event you are attending or mailed to the school.
  • If you would like to purchase awards to display in your studio or have for your personal competitor, please view here: (TBA)

Sibling Challenge:

Select a song from any of That’s Entertainment Presents “Dance It Out” Volumes 1, 2, 3 or any current single releases from our upcoming Volume 4 Soundtrack. Create a dance with your siblings to one of these songs. Create your own costumes, video your performance and enter your routine. All routines not receiving 1st, 2nd or 3rd will receive adjudicated ribbons and pins. The Top 3 Highest scoring routines will be entered into our social media voting challenge. Most votes win. 3rd place will receive TE T-Shirts, 2nd Place will receive TE Sweatshirts, 1st place will receive TE Sweatshirts and $100 Cash Prize.


  • We would like to invite all graduating SR’s to enter their solos for FREE.
  • Independent Performers – Please Register Here: https://thatsent.mydanceregister.com
  • Studio Directors and Owners – Please refer to our Directors Only Page to start your registration: https://thatsentertainmentpa.com/directors-page-2020/ 
  • Once you have created an account you will need to wait for a TE representative to activate it. You will know your account is active when you receive an email from notify@tourprosoftware.com. (For Studios and/or Schools: Since most studios are still closed at this time, be sure to provide a cell phone number)
  • All payments will be made through PayPal invoicing which will be emailed from info@thatsentertainmentpa.com
  • You may pull any existing payments from postponed events to put towards virtual competitions. TE will subtract those fees from your payments. 
  • No additional discounts, credits or certificates can be applied for virtual competitions at this time.
  • Credits and/or certificates that were unable to be used for the 2020 season will be extended through the 2021 season for live events.
  • If you have registered for any TE event this season and would like to participate in our virtual comp you can easily transfer your routine entries over. 
  • Double check all entries on your account; changes will not be accepted once schedules have been posted. 
  • Be sure you register with your mailing address. Your mailing address should be somewhere you can receive items such as, trophies, boxes, bulk packages, etc. TE will not be responsible for any fees charged on returned or re-sent items. If you already have an account, please double check this. 
  • TE will not be responsible for awards mailed to incorrect addresses posted to your accounts.

Commercial Ads:

If you have studio families with local eateries offering takeout or delivery or families selling homemade items. Feel Free to purchase an Inexpensive Commercial Ad. Studio Owners do you want to say thank you to all your studio families who are still supporting your business at this time or a shout out for your seniors who may be going off to College, Broadway, etc. here your chance.

Introductory Rates Below:

  1. 15sec Commercial Ad: $15 (Ad-On Any additional plays will cost $10.00 per slot.)
  2. 30sec Commercial Ad: $30 (Ad-On Any additional plays will cost $15.00 per slot.)

*All Commercial Ads will be played twice throughout our virtual competition. If additional commercial ad space is needed, an Ad-On must be applied.

Commercial Ad Social Media Packages:

  1. 15sec Commercial Ad + TE Instagram and Facebook Social Media Post: $30
  2. 30sec Commercial Ad + TE Instagram and Facebook Social Media Post: $60

*All Commercial Ads will be played twice throughout our virtual competition and feature on TE Facebook & Instagram Social Media pages.

Program Ads:

You may also advertise in our virtual competition program open business listings, you can do so by providing us with three sentences about your business or product, along with your contact information. Program Ads cost $10.00 each.

All Ads must be paid for with your entries fees and uploaded to drop box or Google Drive when routine videos are submitted.  To submit an Ad entry, go to your event roster page, above you will see a blue EVENT OPTIONS button and select from the options listed. 

All ads must be intended for a family audience. 

Studio and School Introductory Fees can be viewed on the Director’s Page

Independents Introductory Fees:

Photogenic: $20 per photo

Modeling: $25 per video

(1) Modeling & (1) Photogenic – Package Deal! $40

Sibling Challenge $30 per video

Solos: $35 per video

Duets/Trios: $40 per video

Schedule and Dates:

Registration is Now Open.

Registration deadline is July 12th, 2020 at 11:00pm. 

Schools will be emailed the event schedule by July 13th, 2020.

Video submission Deadline is July 14th, at 11:00pm. 

Streaming will begin on July 18th, 2020 (time TBD). 

We invite you to join us for Our First Ever TE Virtual Comp Streaming July 18th, 2020. This is a fabulous alternative to Live Events, while staying safe, healthy and connected to our Performing Art’s Community. 

We look forward to seeing you on stage at a live event in the near future. 

Feel free to contact us with any questions at 877-572-9415 or email info@thatsentertainmentpa.com.