Directors – go to the Directors only page for studio information on our virtual competition

(Acro, Acting Monologues, Character/Musical Theater, Dancing, Instrumental, Modeling & Vocals)

All Ticket Donations will go to Spark Evolution’s “Light A Spark! Make a Difference Grant!”: https://charity.gofundme.com/o/en/campaign/light-a-spark-make-a-difference/spark-evolution

View Here for all Performance Categories: https://thatsentertainmentpa.com/welcome-parents-2020/performance-categories-parents-2020/

Casting Opportunities for all ages with Crystal Ship Artist Talent Agency & YU Models NYC/Felton Group Agency & Futura Management when participating in our Back to School Special Virtual Competition. 

P Karen Parks formally with Plaza 7 Talent Agency NYC now VP of newly Incorporated Crystal Ship Artist Talent & Literary Agency, is one of our Featured Judges for all performance categories, excluding Modeling & Photogenic. She will be scouting competitors in all genres for the opportunity to audition for future TV/Film, Broadway and Off-Broadway Shows. 

Kalvin Stevens with Futura Management & Crystal Ship Artist Talent Agency is our Feature Judge and scouting talent in the Vocal & Instrumental categories. Choirs & Bands are accepted.

Drew Felton with YU Models NYC, Tower Talent & Felton Group Agency is our Feature Judge and scouting in the Modeling and Photogenic Categories. 

You will see some of our TE Judges you all know and love. You may view all Judge’s Bios at https://thatsentertainmentpa.com/judges-workshop-instructors/.