Rules, Guidelines and Additional Info for Parents

  1. All attendees must follow our Health and Safety protocols and sign Covid-19 waivers. Additional Health & Safety protocols will be added to follow state and venue guidelines and emailed to directors prior to the event.   
  2. Regional Events begin after school hours, weekend events only.  Events could start Fridays after 4:00pm.  Any routine size and age can start as early as 7am on Saturday & Sundays.  Schedules are customized per event.
  3. TE strives to accommodate our customers in the best way possible.  We will schedule the maximum number of acts & may add or subtract days to any event as needed.  There are times we may need to cancel events or change dates & locations due to circumstances beyond our control. 
  4. For room blocks, rates, cancellation dates & more visit our Tour Schedule and click on the location you’re attending.
  5. Entries must be submitted by the school.  Competitors are not permitted to come to any competition without a staff member of your school. No Independent entries accepted for live competitions.
  6. View here for Refund policies:
  7. Independents accepted for Live Conventions, Virtual Competitions & Conventions Only.  Fees differ for Independent applicants. Spectator fees apply to conventions.
  8. All Competition Pricing and/or Convention (Group Rates) must go through your directors.
  9. Please View here for our 2021 Plan and Refund Policies:  
  10. To participate in a Nationals event, you must qualify at the live or virtual competition with a gold score or higher.
  11. No verbal requests: Requests must be in writing in the prop description box on your registration account for each routine at the time of entry. TE will work to accommodate (SAT’s, Religious Conflicts, Proms & Graduations). Exact time requests are not permitted. Request can not be guaranteed and routines may be adjudicated only.
  12. Confirm your competitors Name, Birthdate, Genre, Level and all additions (Improvs, Photogenic, Titles, Requests) with your director prior to registration. Any corrections, changes or additions made after payment must be made in writing by your director at least 3 weeks prior to the event. Fees will be charged per correction, change or addition. Customized schedules are emailed to the email provided on your registration account 1 week prior to the event and no changes accepted at this time.
  13. Scores will not be deducted for masks or any additional protective gear worn during performances.
  14. Costumes are allowed, but not required. No point deductions for those who choose not to wear costumes.
  15. Props have 1-minute for setup and break down.  Routines are timed; extra minutes not paid in advance will be charged.  
  16. Photogenic photos must be uploaded to your school’s registration account at the time of entry.
  17. Your director must call to confirm availability if entering 3 weeks prior to an event.
  18. Music must be uploaded by your director in MP3, M4A or WAVE files 3 weeks prior to the event. A back up flash drive required.
  19. Dressing rooms are open 1 hour prior to the start of the event. Please make room for everyone and help in keeping event & dressing rooms clean. We would like to be invited back to all venues. 
  20. Events will be timed with time slots and/or by session depending on Covid-19 Guidelines in each state. All times and time slots are approximate.  If working on time slots competitors should arrive 30min prior to start time; dressed and ready for their first performance. If by session competitors should arrive 1hr prior to the beginning of the 1st session and 2hrs prior to the 2nd session of the day, dressed and ready for their first performance as we do run early. 
  21. When choosing your seating options; be aware when sitting in the front music tends to be much louder. We need to keep it at this volume so everyone in the audience and competitors on stage can hear. Be respectful of all performances and keep conversations at a low volume.
  22. To avoid making an unexpected appearance in a competitor’s video, please remain seated during all performances.
  23. Advertised instructors & judges intend to be at their specified event. Sometimes emergencies prevent this & will be replaced with another qualified Instructor and/or judge.
  24. Stay posted to our Parents page for updates regarding Nationals. *IMPORTANT* Book your National reservations early. Rooms sell out!!! When making reservation or asking for information, ask for your representative’s name. TE will be unable to provide the itinerary by the cancellation date. Do not depend on it for reservations.
  25. TE and FRMG are not responsible for any corrupted critics, videos or photos.

Live stream will be offered but not guarantee. The internet service in each location will determine on the schedule date which can be provided for each event location.