• Props permitted in all routines.
  • 5 acrobatic moves/passes in all performance genres permitted.  More than 5 and point deductions will be accessed (.5 points per judge per trick).
  • Unlimited acrobatic moves permitted in the following performance genres: Acro, Musical Theatre/Acting, Hip Hop, Improv, Open & Productions.
  • Unsure which genre to enter call the office at 877-572-9415.
  • Competitors can either compete against themselves in the same genre or enter in the Open Category. 
  • Musical Theatre, Acting, Vocal & Instrumental Routines: TE will provide XLR cables, up to 8 handheld and/or wireless microphones. Requests for equipment or any other special needs must be made on your registration account at the time of entry in the Prop Description Box.
  • Judges are knowledge professionals and may move routines to the appropriate genre and/or level. (All Judges decisions are final)

ACRO – Style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. It’s defined by its athletic character and unique choreography, which seamlessly blends dance and acrobatics.  Must have at least 50% acrobatic moves and 50% dance moves.

ACTING: Monologues from a play, tv or movie scene.

BALLET: Characterized by light, graceful, fluid movements, using gestures, precise and highly formalized set steps.  Performed in soft Ballet slippers.

BALLROOM and/or LATIN: Foxtrot, Cha Cha, Waltz, Tango, Swing, Jive, Samba, Mambo, Salsa, Bachata, Merengue etc.

CLOGGING: A type of folk dance in which the dancer’s footwear is used percussively by striking the heel, the toe, or both against the floor or each other to create audible rhythms, usually to the downbeat with the heel keeping the rhythm.  No tap sounds may be in the music (point deductions will be made)

ETHNIC: Routines using movement specific to a culture or nationality.  (Ex: African, Belly Dancing, Bollywood, Folkloric, Irish Step, Hawaiian, etc.)

HIP-HOP: Refers to street dance styles primarily performed to hip-hop music or that have evolved as part of hip-hop culture.  It includes a range of styles primarily breaking, locking and popping.

IMPROV:  For competitors who just can’t stop dancing.  At the time of entry; sign up your interested competitors; select a genre, age & routine size, no level in this category.  Music is DJ’s Choice and will play 3 seconds of a song for your competitor to hear.  Then it will be their time to shine.  Critiques, scores and awards presented.

INSTRUMENTAL: A musical presentation primarily produced live in any genre by the competitors using musical instruments without dancers or vocalist.  Timing, notes & keys are judged. Background music is permitted if it does not contain the instrument(s) that the competitors are using.  Instrumentalists who wish to have dancers and/or vocalists as part of their routine may register in Musical Theatre, Open or Production genres.  

JAZZ: A routine consisting of jazz technique, utilizing isolation, flexibility, jumps, etc.

LYRICAL: Routines expressing a storyline utilizing balance extensions & expressions.

FORMAL MODELING: Judged on presence & personality, overall appearance, and a sense of style & charm.  Formal attire required.

CASUAL MODELING: Attire can include “off the rack” or custom-made clothing and should complement the style & personality of the competitor. 

MODERN/CONTEMPORARY: A routine using balance, control, contractions, fall/recovery, abstract or contemporary movements. Must utilize ground work and level changes.

MUSICAL THEATRE: A theatrical performance or spoken dialogue portraying a character. Routine can include dancing, acting, singing, lip sync & instruments.

OPEN: To accommodate routines that do not fit in any other genre. Can include routines with 2 or more genres, Pom/Cheer, Baton, and more. Competitors who have more than one routine in a genre may enter in open.

PHOTOGENIC (Mini 6 & under, JR 7-12yrs, SR 13-18yrs, Adults 19 & up): Headshots that may be used when going to auditions or casting opportunities. Judges Choice!

POINTE: 75% of the routine must be performed on Pointe using classical or contemporary technique.  Rising Stars are not permitted in this genre.

PRODUCTIONS: 15 OR MORE PERFORMERS – Portraying a theme, Story, Broadway Musical, Play, Movie etc. May include more than one genre, for (ex: Tap & Jazz, dance, lip sync, singing, acting & instrumental.)  *Productions are one level, age & genre. Must contain a minimum of 25% dancing and transitions.

SONG & DANCE: Competitors playing an instrument and dancing or Singing & Dancing not portraying a Musical, are accepted in this category/genre.

TAP: A routine that uses the sounds of tap shoes striking the floor as a form of percussion, emphasizing clarity.  Must use taps on shoes.  No tap sounds may be in the music (point deductions will be made)

VOCAL: Timing, musical range & pitch are judged.  Routine may be performed a cappella. NO lead vocals are permitted on the music (point deductions will be made).  Background vocals are permitted.  For routines with singing, dancing and portraying a character enter in Musical Theatre. A vocal routine is not considered a solo if there are back up dancers. Singing and dancing not portraying a character should be considered an Open genre.

Vocal Genres: