22! Parents Title/Scholarships (Regional & National)


Scholarships: SR Competitors interested in Scholarships must compete in the Title category at Regionals to be eligible for Title & Scholarships at Nationals. 

Miss and/or Mister: Mini Miss & Mister: 6 & Under, JR Miss & Mister: 7-12yrs, SR Miss & Mister: 13 -18yrs, Adult Miss & Mister: 19 and up.

  • All Titlists must qualify with a gold score or higher at regionals to be eligible at Nationals. 
  • Miss & Mister will be awarded separately.
  • There must be 3 or more competitors in the JR (7-9/10-12) & SR (13-15/16-18) to be awarded separately less than 3 and JR (7-12) will be combined and SR (13-18) will be combined. 
  • There must be 5 or more competitors in each level within the JR & SR age groups to separate levels.
  • There must be 3 or more Dance/Acro & Musical Theatre/Acting/Vocal/Instrumental/Song & Dance Title competitors in each age group for them to be awarded separately.
  • Competitors registering in our title solo category compete in their regular solo division for adjudication, ordinal & title scores. These solos will be eligible for Top 5 and/or 10. Highest score wins the Title.

Top 3 will be announced & awarded

  • 1st place Mini, JR, SR and Adult Miss and/or MR That’s Entertainment wins the Title, Crown and Sash.
  • 2nd& 3rd Place runner ups receive pins & ribbons.


Title Requirements: Regional rules apply to Nationals along with information below

  • Dance/Acro will be combined for Title
  • Musical Theatre/Acting/Vocal/Instrumental/Song & Dance will be combined for Title
  • An on-stage question will take place at Nationals and is worth up to 5 points per judge. 
  • Q&A along with your composite scores will be used to determine the title winners. Highest score wins. Top 3 will be announced. 
  • There must be 5 or more competitors in the SR divisions for scholarships to be awarded at each Nationals. 
  • There will be 1 Scholarship winner per Nationals. The Highest scoring Miss or Mister in the Dance, Acro, Musical Theatre, Acting, Vocal, Instrumental, or Song & Dance categories will win the scholarship.

Title Awards:

  • A check will be awarded to each scholarship winner.  Checks will be made out to the school and applied towards the competitor’s school tuition the following season.
  • 1st place Mini, JR, SR & Adult Miss & Mister TE wins the Title, Crown/Sash & Gift along with photo on the website and in next seasons program.  Invited to perform at any of the following seasons Regional Events & Present Awards wearing Sash & Crown.  Opportunities for TE Internships & more. 
  • 2-3rd place Mini, JR, SR & Adult Miss & Mister TE runner up’s win an award, pin & placement ribbon.