22! Parents Refund Policy / Health Plan

TE Event & Covid-19 Plans for 2021

With all the uncertainty in the world today TE would like to give you some peace of mind moving into the upcoming season. We will be holding events, whether it be Live or Virtual.


TE will be limiting attendance, implementing health procedures and guidelines to provide the safest environment possible for each venue and location.  Please view our Health and Safety Protocols here, https://thatsentertainmentpa.com/health-safety-protocols/ . Free photos and videos for all competitors. Live Stream provided if internet allows.


We understand that some might not feel comfortable attending live events. TE will provide in-person and virtual event options for both competitions and conventions. Virtual events will be offered at a discounted rate. If an in-person event is unable to be held, TE is working to have backup dates, outdoor and/or indoor locations scheduled in advance. 


Always be prepared to go virtual. If an in-person event is unable to be held, a virtual event option will be provided at a discounted rate. Go to our refund policy for more information.


Live stream will be offered but not guarantee. The internet service in each location will determine on the schedule date which can be provided for each event location.


TE will require a live or virtual event qualifier to participate in Nationals. 


Due to the current pandemic, we realize the need for a clear payment and refund policy. We are committed to making schools/studios and families feel confident and secure when registering for our events.  

Refund Policy & Payment Terms for the 2021 Season: 

If an in-person event is unable to be held on the originally advertised dates, due to the administrative fees TE will incur preparing for each live event we ask that your studio directors kindly select one of the 6 options made available to them on our Directors Only page.

Entry fees cover the processing of administrative and event expenses, therefore no refunds or credits are given for schools/studios or competitors who choose to drop out on their own accord. If a competitor becomes ill and/or injured, we will provide a credit to the studio (with a doctor’s note). TE Credits do not expire. 

Independents are accepted for conventions and virtual competitions only. 

Calls from parents for live competitions regarding pricing, entries, schedules and/or changes will not be accepted. All question must go through your director.

Although we may or may not get back to normal any time soon TE is committed to creating a safe, organized, inclusive and exciting environment for all. 

We look forward to seeing you on the stage.


RoseMary Pontuck Sr.


That’s Entertainment