22! Parents Causes for point deductions and/or disqualifications

Our Judges are knowledgeable professionals in a variety of performance genres. Judges may move a routine to the appropriate genre and/or levels. All judge’s decisions are final.

Disregard of the rules or challenges will be subject to point deductions or adjudication only and can be cause for disqualification. Routines may not be eligible for Top 5 and/or 10, OHS and/or Title.

*New This season: Routines not completed on the first try (I.E. Leaves the stage etc.) will incur point deductions:

Rising Star: 3 points                       Shooting Star: 6 points                      All Star: 9 points

  1. Point deductions (1.5 points) will be accessed when music is not uploaded to your registration account and/or back up flash drives are not received at the event; not clearly labeled with your studio name and saved in event order labeled with your routine number & title. (exp. 49_Cell Block Tango)
  2. Routines going over the time limit without payment. (3 points, 1 point per judge)
  3. More than 5 acrobatic moves/passes in performance genres not permitted. (.5 points per judge per trick)
  4. Clogging & tap genres with tap sounds in the music. (3 points, 1 point per judge)
  5. Instrumental genre: Background music containing the instrument(s) being used in the performance. (3 points, 1 point per judge)
  6. Vocal genres with lead vocals in the music. (3 points, 1 point per judge)
  7. Routines not available or refusing to come to the stage when called. (3 points, 1 point per judge)
  8. No photos or videos permitted in the event room. Point deductions will be accessed; abuse of this rule and you will be asked to leave. 
  9. Good sportsmanship is expected by all throughout the event; if not followed it can be cause for disqualification. 
  10. Parents should not contact the competition directly.  All inquiries must go through your school director.
  11. Costumes, choreography & music (clean lyrics only) must be designed for a family audience. Point deductions will be accessed at the judge’s discretion.
  12. No coaching allowed. Teachers may place 6 & under competitors on stage. (3 points, 1 point per judge).
  13. Competitors, school directors, or any other individuals may not offer gifts, favors, or special treatment to the That’s Entertainment Staff.