Title(s)/Scholarships 2019

Title: SR Competitors interested in Scholarships must compete in the Title category at Regionals to be eligible for Title & Scholarships at Nationals. (See 2019 National Final Details & Awards segment)

Mini, Miss and Mister:  6 & Under, JR Miss & Mister: 7-12yrs, SR Miss & Mister: 13 -18yrs

  • Mini, Miss & Mister will be awarded separately.
  • There must be 3 or more competitors in the JR (7-9/10-12) & SR (13-15/16-18) to be awarded separately. Less than 3 Titlist’s, in the JRS (7-12) & SRS (13-18) will be combined.
  • There must be 5 or more competitors in each level within the JR & SR age groups to separate levels.
  • There must be 3 or more Dance/Acro & Vocal/Instrumental Title competitors in each age group for them to be awarded separately.
  • Competitors registering in our title solo category compete in their regular solo division for adjudication, ordinal & title scores. These solos will be eligible for Top 5 and/or 10. Highest score wins the Title.

Top 3 will be announced                

  • 1st place Mini, JR & SR Miss and/or MR That’s Entertainment wins the Title, Crown and Sash. 2nd& 3rd Place runner ups receive pins & ribbons.

JUDGE’S Specials: awarded by the judges, 1 Certificate given to the school and special award ribbons to each competitor.

TE Elite Team Award 1 Certificate given to each competitor selected

  • Judges will choose a select group of competitors in the Shooting & All Star Levels at each regional.
  • All participants who have been chosen for the Elite Team and attend Nationals must attend with their school and qualified entry fees.
  • Elite Team members must attend Nationals to be eligible to participate in the team workshop, showcase and our next Social Issue Music Videos. Competitors should be willing to travel to the designated locations of the video shoot.
  • Elite Team will have a private team workshop, special performance segment & back up dance for the vocalist in the National Finals Showcase.
  • Elite Team may be invited to back up dance for vocal winners, in additional live performances.
  • You can find That’s Entertainment Presents “Dance It Out” Vol. 1, 2 & Song Singles available now on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play and all other digital stores! You can also watch all music videos released on the That’s Entertainment YouTube page. CLICK HERE to watch our Anti-Bully and Social Awareness Music Videos!

Please Note: These are real Music Videos for up and coming artists and take time to edit. Although editors will do their best to feature everyone, they must create the best video possible for the artists. Our Elite team is invited to participate and experience what it is like to be on set of a music video and potentially be featured.  This is a learning opportunity as well as exposing performers to what it will be like if they choose to continue auditioning in the future. We understand that editorial cuts may sometimes be disappointing, but they are part of the process and we are committed to having performers have a real experience. Studios will be emailed throughout the season when and if artists are performing live; whether it be with That’s Entertainment or other live events. If available and interested, they will have the opportunity to back up dance for the artist in other locations.  

Entertainer Nominees

Attend a regional event with qualified entry fees and enter a Large Group, Mega Group or Production to qualify for a nomination.

Judges will nominate & award 1 routine from each school, based on entertainment value only that will vie for the Entertainer of the Year Cup at Nationals.

ADCC Studio of Excellence Award

From registration to the event, competitors, studio staff and family members will be watched to see who exhibits overall studio excellence. Easy to work with, shows all competitors and TE staff respect, shares dressing room space, keeps facilities clean etc. Studio will receive a plaque, T-shirt and 1-year FREE membership to the ADCC.

Event Specials

Sportsmanship & Choreography awards presented to winning schools at every event. Judges may award additional Event Specials when they see something in a routine or school they would like to acknowledge.

  • Sportsmanship – Chosen by judges and staff. Schools are watched throughout the event to see who portrays the best sportsmanship. Regional Winners will receive an award and $150 certificate towards 2019 Nationals. National Winners will receive an award and $150 certificate towards the 2020 Regional season. (Awards given to the school)
  • Choreography – Judge’s look past technique and into the core of the choreography.
  • Judge’s Choice – A routine or school performances that stand out throughout the event.
  • Showmanship – Schools with outstanding showmanship in their performances.
  • Triple Threat– given to a competitor or school showing outstanding singing, dancing and acting skills.
  • Passion– Awarded to a competitor or school who perform their hearts out.
  • Creativity – Awarded to a routine or school with outside the box thinking.
  • Bound for Big Things – Awarded to a competitor or school destined for greatness.

Mini Me – Awarded to a competitor or group of competitors that reminds a judge of themselves and/or their performance/competitive team when growing up.