Judging Criteria, Scores and Awards 2019


Scores are based on 3 judges, with a maximum of 100 points per judge.

Points per Judge: Technique: 35, Showmanship: 25, Rhythm/Timing: 20, Choreography: 15, Overall Appearance: 5.

General appearance – costuming, make-up, tights, shoes, music, dance style/moves that are age appropriate.Once your name or routine is announced you are being judged until you have exited the stage. Judges are looking for clean routines that contain difficulty, proper technique, timing & flow, combined with enthusiasm, energy, and enjoyment.

Ordinal /Adjudicated Scoring & Awards


All routines are adjudicated & ordinally scored.

*TIES ARE BROKEN BY THE JUDGES. (Judge’s Decisions are Final)

1st, 2nd and 3rd place is awarded in each category.

(Ex. 10-12yrs Lyrical, Solo, Shooting Star Level, 1st, 2nd and 3rd awarded)

If there is only 1 entry in a Rising, Shooting & All Star level you must achieve the minimum score below to receive a 1st place

Rising Star: 280            Shooting Star: 285            All Star: 290

Adjudicated Scoring

SILVER                                           GOLD                             HIGH GOLD
200.9 and below                          201 – 250.9                       251 – 270.9

271 – 280.9               281 – 288.9                         289 – 294.9                295 – 300


**New this Season**: Awards or Charitable Donations  You may choose between receiving awards or Donating the value of your awards to Spark Evolution.    

Spark Evolution is a modern progressive Non-Profit organization addressing worldwide social issues. Offering knowledge about today’s current topics while educating the public about love, peace and similar differences.    #antibully #antiviolence #racialunity #lgbtq #equalrights #autismawareness   and so much more…    Spark Evolution developing the new Connect Life Program    The Spark Connect Life Program is focused on shrinking the gap between individuals with special needs and the surrounding community.  By thoughtfully pairing an individual with special needs and a peer in the typical community, they are looking to create a special friendship and learning experience for both parties.  Each member and participant of the Spark Connect Life Program will have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of scheduled gatherings/activities curated by Spark Evolution, local partners and sponsors.  This Program will help improve social skills, broaden horizons with new experiences and develop steadfast relationships between all members.  They are determined to develop a way to address the lack of interaction, integration and stigma behind individuals with special needs and the typical community.   Choosing to Donate!   You have the options do donate either (All Solo, Duet & Trio awards), (All Group awards) or both. 
 If your choosing to donate be sure to properly prepare all teachers, parents and competitors that although scores will be announced no physical awards will be given for those routines. Schools donating awards may have their competitors stand and be recognized when their routines are announced. Schools who donate will receive recognition on the Spark Evolution & That’s Entertainment website, TE event recap videos and social media recognition.    Please Note: These donations have been arranged by your school at the time of entry, please respect their decision. Questioning the schools decision and your donation can be cause for nullification of Cash Prize Certificates, Spark Wheel Prizes, recognition announcements and possible disqualification of a routine or school at the event.    For those competitors or schools who would still like an award to represent specific routines may purchase what is available at the sales station or order those by emailing info@thatsentertainmentpa.comshipping will be required.

Award Details:

1st, 2nd & 3rd place 

Group competitors will each receive an adjudicated pin or ribbon and a placement award given to the studio.

Solo & D/T competitors will each receive an award.

After 3rd Place

Group competitors will each receive an adjudicated pin or ribbon and a plaque given to the studio

Solo & D/T competitors will each receive a medal.

Productions will be announced during the Top 5 and/or 10 Awards.

Top 5 and/or 10 Awards (Up to $4,350 in Cash Prize Certificates awarded per event)

CASH PRIZE CERTIFICATES awarded to the schools for all 1st place Top 10 & OHS winners in the JR/SR Shooting & All Star Levels at Regionals & Nationals. Certificates can be applied to the 2019 Nationals or 2020 Regional events. Sportsmanship is awarded a Cash Prize Certificate at all Regionals to be used at the 2019 Nationals. Sportsmanship is awarded a Cash Prize Certificate at all 2019 Nationals to be used in the 2020 Regional Season.

1st Place Top 5 and/or 10 are awarded a Trophy to the school. Ribbons are given to each competitor.

In addition to the Trophy and Ribbons 1st Place Top 10 winners receive a Cash Prize Certificate awarded to the school (Shooting & All Star Levels Only).

Top 2-10 will receive a 2nd-10th place certificate awarded to the school.

Cash Prize Certificates Include:

Solos: $50      

D/T: $75

Groups: $100

Overall HS: $125

Sportsmanship: $150

  • *TIES ARE BROKEN BY THE JUDGES. (Judge’s Decisions are Final)
  • Special Star, Parent & Student/Teacher routines are not eligible for Top 5 and/or 10.
  • Dance & Acro combined, Vocal & Instrumental combined for Top 5 and/or 10 along with Overall HS
  • Top 5 and/or 10 are given to Mini (6 & Under), Junior (7-9 and/or 10-12) & Senior (13-15 and/or 16-18), Adults (19 & Up) for Rising, Shooting & All Star levels in solos, duet/trios, (small groups, large groups, mega groups are combined).
  • There must be a minimum of 5 routines in each age, level & division for JR (7-9/10-12) or SR (13-15/16-18) to be awarded separately. If there are less than 5 in each age all JR’s will be combined & all SR’s will be combined.
  • If there are 10 or more routines in each age, level & division then Top 10 will be announced.
  • Modeling routines are all one level and separated for Top 5 and/or 10.
  • All ages in the Shining Star level is combined for Top 5 and/or 10.
  • If your competitor has more than one solo within the Dance/Acro or Vocal/Instrumental solo division their highest scoring solo will be announced in Top 5 and/or 10 if qualified for Top scores.
  • When necessary TE may combine ages and/or levels for Top 5 and/or 10.
  • If there are less than 5 routines, Top 5 will not be awarded.


  • There must be 3 or more productions to award a skyscraper trophy.
  • The Skyscraper (6’+) Trophy is awarded to the school with the highest scoring production. Adjudicated pins or ribbons are given to each competitor.
  • After 1st place an award will be given to the school & adjudicated pins or ribbons to each competitor.

Overall High Scores

  • Overall High Score (OHS) of the event combines JR/SR routines in each level.
  • Dance/Acro combined & Vocal/Instrumental combined for separate OHS in each level. Rising, Shooting and All Star Levels are awarded.
  • There must be 20 or more Dance/Acro & Vocal/Instrumental routines in each level to award an OHS.
  • There must be 20 or more routines in each level Rising, Shooting & All Star to be award an OHS separately.
  • The school will be awarded the OHS Trophy & Certificate, competitors receive HS ribbons.
  • Modeling, Productions, Mini, Shining Star, Special Star, Adults, Parent & Student/Teacher routines are not eligible for OHS of the event.