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Hope you are having a great Monday! My name is Clemmy Ann Bastin, and I am the Director of Barbara Ann’s School of Dance. I wanted to reach out and say thank you for a great competition this weekend in Dayton! My competition team and I had a wonderful time and loved working with your staff and crew there. Hope you have a great rest of your season!
- Barbara Ann's School of Dance Sent via Email to our Directors 2018
I wanted to thank you again for a wonderful competition experience in Margate. Specifically, I wanted to make you aware of Judge Number 2. One of the main reasons we come back to TE again and again is because you do hold the experience in such high regard and overall always have judges that give good, constructive criticism to help both me and my dancers grow that correlates with the scores and awards we receive. Judge Number 2 provided excellent feedback on technique, performance, and overall execution. We’ll see you next year!
- Lois Allen School of Dance Sent via Email to our Directors 2018
Hi! We had a great weekend and everyone loved the competition! It was professional yet comfortable and not overwhelming, I thank you for that! Thank you ?
- Theatre Next Door & Dance Life Academy, Sent via Email to our Directors 2018
Besides getting a Trophy they also said that I would be able to record a song!!! It was an amazing experience!! Can’t wait to share with everyone!!
- @miss.nationalanthem, Posted via Instagram 2018
Yay! Thanks That’s Entertainment for an amazing opportunity. We love the fun, friendly environment you provide these dancers!
- Dance Workshop RI Posted via Instagram 2018
We had so much fun at @thatsentertainmentpa in Exeter, NH! We can’t wait to go back next year! We were honored to receive the Dance Dreams Scholarship!!
- Atlantic Dance Arts (2018 Dance Dreams Scholarship Award Winner) Posted via Instagram 2018
Thank You so much for this award! I was honored to receive it and my students and staff work very hard to represent SKDS in a positive, appropriate manner. We love your competition and look forward to next season!!
- Susie Karlik's Dance Studio, Posted via Instagram 2018
@katie.ann.jessup: Thank you again @bbdcnj for such an awesome family adventure this weekend. Thank you @thatsentertainmentpa for throwing yet another fun filled comp for our kids to participate in!
- Dance Mom, Posted via Instagram 2018
@wcdanceexpressions: We want to give a shout out to @wsdc5678 and all of the friends we made this weekend at @thatsentertainmentpaNationals! Thank you for your kind words of encouragement off stage, we loved watching you perform!
- *SPORTSMANSHIP* West Chester Dance Expressions shouted out WestSide Dance Center, Posted via Instagram 2018
This national competition was amazing!!!!!! I can’t thank my dance teacher enough for all the work he put into me and how much he believed in me. Without him I would not have won 1st place for my category! And I Love the rest of my dance family! You all mean the world to me!
- @straycat_alice, Posted via Instagram 2018
Studio Director, Joy Cutrone (Joy’s Dance House) “Love love this Nationals! Thanks That’s Entertainment, so much fun.”
- Joy's Dance House, Posted via Facebook 2018
Thanks for the memories ~ we danced, ate, partied, won, ate more, walked a ton, got some sun and more @thatsentertainmentpa #pizzazdanceacademy
- @laurenmudrick, Posted via Instagram 2018
@missandreasdancestudio: So much fun!
- Miss Andreaa's Dance Studio, Posted via Instagram 2018
My daughter was the child that you allowed to facetime her father in Lancaster, PA when she did her solo so he could watch it live in Korea. From the bottom of my heart my husband and I thank you! It was really touching for you to allow that for him to feel part of the event. That’s Entertainment has gained our families respect for supporting our military families! She was overjoyed that her daddy got to watch her perform her solo for the first time on the big stage. Thanks again and keep doing what you are doing to keep young children on the right path in life! Thanks, The Via family.
- Posted by Dance Mom via Email 2018
@emma.vegeto: Thank you so much @thatsentertainmentpa for a fun day of workshops and getting to meet amazing choreographers!!
- Dance Competitor, Posted via Instagram 2018
@leaaaa.spams: Havng a blast at Nationals!
- Dance Competitor, Posted via Instagram 2018
Awesome!!! My son and his Vocal Troupe had a great time at this competition!
- Dance Mom, Posted via Facebook 2018
@its_albanese: Congratz to everyone who competed this week. This was such an amazing experience, can’t wait to do it again.
- Dance Competitor, Posted via Instagram 2018
Top Tier Dance Academy: Amazing weekend! Thank you!
- Top Tier Dance Academy, Posted via Facebook 2018
@glendancestudio: Thank you @thatsentertainmentpa for an amazing weekend!
- Glen Dance Studio, Posted via Instagram 2018
@amandajeanjordan: @thatsentertainmentpa thank you for an amazing weekend and we hope to see you soon!
- Dance Competitor, Posted via Instagram 2018
@devalohn: This weekend was so FUN!!! Thanks for having us @thatsentertainmentpa
- Dance Competitor, Posted via Instagram 2018
@melissaparslow: Emma had a great time at That’s Entertainment Nationals.. until next year..
- Dance Mom, Posted via Instagram 2018
@sabthedancer: Had so much fun at @thatsentertainmentpa dance competition this weekend!
- Dance Competitor, Posted via Instagram 2018
Dance With Melody: Thank you for a great weekend!
- Dance With Melody, Posted via Instagram 2018
@_ava.bender: @thatsentertainmentpa Thanks for amazing shots!!!
- Dance Competitor, Posted via Instagram 2018
@artinmotiondancers: A great experience had by all! Thank you! *Comment*
- Art In Motion Dancers, Posted via Instagram 2018
West Chester Dance Expressions: What a great first competition!! Thank you! That’s Entertainment Performing Arts Competition
- West Chester Dance Expressions, Posted via Facebook 2018
@mayamarinocappello: Had so much fun with so many amazing people at our first comp today!……….#thatsentertainmentpa @thatsentertainmentpa Love you all sooo much!!
- Dance Competitor, Posted via Instagram 2018
@bella.iannelli_dance: Had a great time competing @thatsentertainmentpa today for hiphop…….this was so fun!!!
- Dance Competitor, Posted via Instagram 2018
@ava.fortner: What a fabulous competition.
- Dance Competitor, Posted via Instagram 2018
@bluebellschoolofdance: Awesome work today girls! ….Thanks @thatsentertainmentpa Posted via Instagram 2018 by @bluebellschoolofdance
- Blue Bell School of Dance, Posted via Instagram 2018
@emmyz26: Literally what an amazing competition ❤. So happy to say I got 1st in Pointe, Classical and Tap and 2nd in my Open and Jazz ?and 6th Overall for my Tap Solo and I was selected into the “TE Elite Team” which is for the best dancers to be featured in a Music Video, have a special workshop at Nationals and a special segment at Nationals ??I couldn’t have asked for anything more ?
- Dance Competitor, Posted via Instagram 2017
I just wanted to drop a quick message to let you know what a great experience my daughter and I had this past weekend at Nationals in NJ. My daughter dances with Columbia Elite Allstars and your kind words and actions did not go unnoticed. So many memories were made and fun was had by all. She had such great experiences from performing on stage, the workshops, the costume party and as she was chosen as an elite dancer where she was able to experience the shooting of a music video. That right there is priceless.. I also wanted to give kiddos to Blake, I know he was a bit nervous being his first National comp but he did great! His kind, gentle and warm words will be remembered. She also spoke of Lorna and how kind she was when she was not feeling well during one of the workshops. Her words were ” Mommy, she was so sweet”. Can’t wait to see you guys next season..Have a great rest of the year and again thank you!…
- Parent, Columbia Elite Allstars, Sent via Facebook 2017
Art In Motion dancers had so much fun! Thanks to the wonderful staff of That’s Entertainment for a memorable experience again this year!! #artinmotiondancers #thatsentertainment
- Studio, Art In Motion @artinmotiondancers, Posted via Instagram 2017
We are extremely proud of this wonderful group of dancers for their hard work, passion for dance, and support of each other as they competed their first competition yesterday at That’s Entertainment Performing Arts Competition. We received many adjudicated awards, elite team nominees, Special Judges Awards, and Overall High Scores. We also won the the Sportsmanship Award. This award means the world to us and shows the beauty of our dancers and dance parents inside and out. Bravo ??That’s Entertainment.
- Studio, All For Dance, Posted via Facebook 2017
Great competition! So much fun! Great job everyone!
- @different.and.proud, Posted via Instagram 2017
What an amazing 1st day at That’s Entertainment Performing Arts Competition!….
- Studio, Bravo Dance Center, Posted via Facebook 2017
What a fun day at That’s Entertainment Performing Arts Competition! Super proud of our group’s performances today. Would love it if you post your photos in the comments so we all can see your fun day!
- Studio, The Dance Gallery, Posted via Facebook 2017
Had an amazing day. Thank you so much ?
- @soccergirl735, Posted via Instagram 2017
Super psyched about this past competition!
- @savvy.bruh, Posted via Instagram 2017
So proud of my team this weekend. Had a great day at @thatsentertainmentpa with 2nd Place form Solo.
- @rdeterline354, Studio On 5th, Posted via Instagram 2017
@thatsentertainmentpa Thanks for a great competition that weekend.
- @prettylittleangie, The Dance Loft, Posted via Instagram 2017
Just finished another amazing competition weekend at @thatsentertainmentpa
- Studio, Bravo Dance Center @bravodancecenter, Posted via Instagram 2017
Had such a blast this week with That’s Entertainment Performing Arts Competition.
- Madelyn Mickelsen, Judge, Posted via Facebook 2017
Just left the 4th of July Festival here in Westville and man what a great time we had!…The DJ was lively and entertaining and the lights were great. They looked perfect with the fireworks.
- Local Resident, New Jersey, Posted via Facebook 2017
Our recital videos and DVD’s came out great! Thank you!
- Local Studio Owner, New Jersey, Sent via Email 2017
The photos from this year’s competition were really good, thank you. See you next season.
- Parent, Stratford Performing Arts Academy, Sent via Facebook 2017
All I have to say is that I haven’t been to an event in a while where the atmosphere was so exciting. All ages and families plus the food was great and the weather was fantastic. From the talent show to the music, this year’s Fall Festival was good a one. Good celebrations committee!
- Local Resident, New Jersey, Sent via Facebook 2016
We just wanted to take the time to say thank you so much for inviting us to your competitions on numerous occasions. We absolutely love competing here! We appreciate all the hard work and dedication that you’ve put into this competition, to make this a great environment that everyone can enjoy.
- Grace & Style, Posted via Facebook 2016
Thank you for such an amazing weekend for our dancers! It was our first time going to Nationals and you guys definitely made it an experience for the girls to remember. The workshops were great and seeing our girls up on stage performing with everyone really brought tears to our eyes. This experience really encouraged our students to want to grow as dancers and they have brought back a newfound confidence in themselves and their team. We cannot thank you enough and we are really looking forward to the 2016 competition season.
- Gone Dancing Studio, Posted via Facebook 2015

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